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inspiral     VA w.o.w.    

    Welcome to the IXϋ research and design site, presenting the latest in our condom and sexual enhancement innovation.       

     The exciting new women's VA w.o.w. Vibe™ has a vibe accessory attached on the outer frame for combining protection and proven stimulation.  An independent VA Vibe™ User Study (see link below) shows an amazing 80-100% climax rate for women using this combination condom/vibe sextoy, a rate sometimes higher than the men!

     The VA women's condom with vibe is a world's first and may change condom use for everyone!

     The VA is a latex pouch-design with a soft sponge that easily squeezes for quick vaginal insertion - - keeping the pouch in place during sex.  The soft outer frame lays snugly up against the woman for a smart sexy look. (see graphic below:  a vibe accessory on the top of the outer heart-shaped frame)

     Our latest banana-shaped male condom scores high in user surveys because of the "bunch" of small folds that form in the latex due to the curved condom being on a straight penis shaft. Fun and functional like never before.

     See the IXϋ line at the link below.  Thank you for visiting.  Look for IXu condoms soon.






   The VA has a flexible V-frame with a soft inner sponge that holds the pouch in place. 

inspiral®  Dolphin YourTUBE

         Inspiral is rated #1 by the public for  years in the U.S.A!    Cosmopolitan, GQ and Men's Health magazines praise the shape  of  spiraling curves that create ridges of latex and provide the friction lost with other condoms!          

         The beautiful Dolphin condom is shaped like its name and is as much fun to play with as the real thing. Safe and sexy.  

        YourTUBE is the ultimate in minimalism for a condom...no nipple end. The world's only no-tip design, it gives a man a classic "bare" look - -  like that of a man not wearing a condom! 

       All IXϋ male condoms are FDA approved and meet all international condom standards.   The VA wow is available in Europe, Africa and Asia.


condom text

February 2005 Cosmopolitan: Inspiral in the "Hottest shapes and styles". 



condom 1 

Univ. of Virginia survey rates Inspiral best.


"Better Latex Than Ever"
          Sex doctors rate Inspiral the best.             Men's Health Magazine


condom 3

Rated #1 again. GQ Magazine


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